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Fun Fantage Glitch With Marina


On Thursday when I hung out with my friends we made plans to hang out on the 24th and I realized I have a concert on that day. I’m pretty bummed about that! I guess I was too tired to remember……

Today was a boring regular day. Yes I’m mostly doing daily recaps. I got a relaxing day of playing Q-Blast with Rose, Marina, Anna, Mangos, and Katie so all in all I’d say it was a good and productive day.

Palisades <3

151003 BigBang concert

Oh my gosh! They were so amazing! They forgot to play one song from MADE but eh.. oh well. I got an amazing number of photos of Daesung though ♡.


I was able to awesomely see backstage. ♡ Well it’s not really backstage more so behind the curtains.










Ahh ^~^ Daesung was so beautiful at the concert I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. ♡
We got a private suite it was fun. I’m also pretty sure he heard me screaming for him because during Wings he smiled after I screamed and while he spoke I screamed and he said “Thank you for all the love and support tonight.” How cute can he get????

If You Daesung fancam♡

Wings Daesung fancam♡

Fantage Contest

Come join BRD to win some awesome Fatange prizes. Two different contests will be held with different prizes for different places.

RECRUITING CONTEST: In order to qualify for this contest you must get people from Fantage to join BRD and have them put your name under WHO RECRUITED YOU. FIRST PLACE PRIZE is our moderator (me) giving you $10 worth of gold. SECOND PLACE is gum, THIRD is polar bear hat, FOURTH is Angel Wings, FIFTH is Cleopatra Sandals.

POSTING CONTEST: Coming soon, most details are unknown. For this contest the highest poster of the month will win a prize. FIRST PLACE PRIZE IS KNOWN and is the white number one.

All prizes are sold at min gold (500), must have gold to participate unless you are trying to win the free gold.


Fantage Day


I got on Fantage today, I wasnt able to get a picture including Mangos but she was on as well. I got to enjoy some time on there with friends even though it was relatively short.

Photos: 150806 Jinwoo with Cast of ‘Magic Cellphone’ for Drama Script Rehearsal!

Just me?

Something that bothers me on a level near complete murder of grammar is when someone gets into something I’m into but they completely murder the spellings of commonly used words. For example, when someone gets into Japanese culture or anime. I see a lot of people type Sempai… that’s the incorrect spelling, while yes, some translated animes have it spelled like that “m” does not stand alone in their alphabet. せんぱい, the second character is “n”, meaning its spelled “senpai”. Another thing I noticed is when people spell otaku wrong, and yes I know Japanese can be a hard language for some but spelling is so important for this language because you never know what or if it makes another word. I don’t know, I am just personally bothered by incorrect spelling even though I do it myself sometimes and incorrect syntax and diction.