More issues arising?

So today as I was on BV, someone had pointed out to me that a person had over 5 pages of the Springtime Fun Bunny. I guess someone has finally found the code out and is ruining it for everyone. Oh well. It seems nothing gold can stay.

Also there were two people trying to tell people that everyone who has rare is mean and “acts like they’re cool”, on the contrary. I, for one, know I am not that cool and I, for one, am not as rude as the people who go around slandering people. (Slandering: false truth without proof.) If I have to say who the rude people are on BV, I would state its the people who aren’t rare usually that are extremely mean. We all know that you guys only do this because you want to be in our place, so instead of being nice (which around the right people will get you more) you act rude and make us feel bad for working hard. Maybe you should take a step back to look at who is really the mean ones in this equation.

Well other than that nothing has happened.


Trading news and updates:

So what’s been going on now? Well let’s see, letterman and every other old bvo item has been removed from the BVO credit store and I won’t be surprised if within this month or the next they add more old bvo items. Like I did last time I will make a list of items I suspect will come back:

Moose: Cyberguides have been deciding on this one for a while now, they don’t seem sure but they keep bringing it up.

Heart print: With heart print being a new hot item, its likely to be brought back, seeing as that’s what BV is doing now.

Dance star: A little iffy on this one but its possible.

Buffalo: This item also is rather popular so I think it might come back.

My advice is always the same, don’t hoard and you should be good.

Oh, also, in other news, it looks like some people have found the code to the bear that gives you bunny glasses. It’s value has dropped a little because of this, but its still the rare glasses.