So I just bought a BV account from a rare person on BV for $30. (you may think its stupid but I don’t really care so is buying VIB and credits but we still do that) Anyway, with it I got the following:

-3 or 4 polka dot dresses



-2 Leopard kitty

-4(now 2) sequin fairy

-Buffalo hat

– Lots of random little stuff.



Wow this was a great contest and I am very happy for the main winner: PRINCESS! She won raspberry colored heart print.  Here entry was:  I love BRD for many reasons, the one of the most important being the fact that it has allowed me to grow. I used to be a real dunce at trading, and I guess I still am now, but certainly not as much. Everyone here, especially the well-versed TPs have helped me in my journey to rarity. I guess my English has, in a way, improved as well. I used colloquial speech much too often when I first joined. But because I joined a forum, I began to feel self-conscious and didn’t want to end up a laughingstock, so I felt an urge to change the way I typed. And I did.Another reason I love BRD is because I actually have responsibilities. Being a moderator, I have to make sure the forum doesn’t go all drama like BVC and other BV forums. In the eleven months I’ve been here, I’ve already been promoted three times – one of the greatest achievements of my life. I get this proud, tingly feeling every time I lock a topic. Just knowing that the admins trust me enough to make me a moderator makes me feel honoured.Lastly, the most significant reason I love BRD is because I’ve made many new friends. Some of the members on the forum make much better listeners than other people I know IRL. They’ve always been there for me. Whenever I’m whining about something, or seeking advice – they never turn down the opportunity to listen to my rambling. I know I have flaws, and I appreciate that everyone here accepts me despite that fact.

Second place was me and I chose to keep the bow that was one of the prizes. My entry was:Why I love BRD? Well this is a long one. First off, I like the fact that people who like me and/or won’t act fake with me are the admins. It makes this forum feel more comfortable and friendly. The members are also very easy to get along with for the most part and I have made some amazing friends through this and it definitely makes chatting on the chat box feel like less of a chore and more of a friendly atmosphere. On other forums the amount of members and the types of members they had didn’t allow for this. I also like that I don’t get screamed at for small mistakes, as well as that there aren’t silly random rules. This makes this forum laid back and less of a drama arena. For another thing, I like how I was given a job even though I wasn’t entirely active and no one took it away from me for some random or stupid reason. I love that I get to be my favorite job with no issues. My experience in other forums was very stressful and full of anger and sadness, but what I really love about this forum is I get a sense of friendship and compassion from my fellow members and staff.

Third place was Spring who won a plaid babydoll dress. Springs was: The answer to this should be pretty obvious. First of all, BRD is a forum full of very nice members, who don’t have an intention for drama. Another thing is, a forum is nothing without the right admins. The admins of BRD always care for their members, and make sure that the forum is active. Also, making friends is fairly difficult, especially for the people who are kind of shy and quiet. However, the admins and members on this forum make it very easy for you to meet new people.They will always notice you. If the admins give you a job on this forum, they don’t boss you around. If you make a mistake while doing your job, they inform the right way to do it. Maintaining a job on this forum isn’t tough and difficult because someone’s always got your back. BRD has many exciting events, and contests. This makes the forum very fun. Some forums are boring, and they usually go inactive, but I think that BRD should last for a very long time. In a way, BRD is the perfect definition for a Bearville forum. This is exactly why I   this forum!

Let’s see what other contests BRD has in store for us in the future! Prizes just keep getting better!


So sometimes people ask why I suddenly quit the forum BVB and went full time to BRD. Well the answer for that is pretty simple, I felt under appreciated and (not to sound idiotic but) attacked in a way. Some of the members, not naming any but mostly ones in position of power, would randomly yell at me for things I didn’t do or would start going off on me about some rule I didn’t know of because I was away for a short time. If there is a new rule, it should be their job to inform members first. On the same topic, these people in those positions would be kind to me one minute then all of a sudden going off on me? Honestly, I don’t think I deserve that. I especially don’t deserve being blamed for things that I didn’t do/didn’t really take a part in. I also didn’t feel that welcome with the main people on the forum in the chat box, they all seemed to not want me there and I am not the only person who has felt like this, a group of nameless friends have told me they feel the exact same way. Another thing is I randomly got demoted? I mean I know I wasn’t that active but as I was coming on more was when I was suddenly stripped of my job. I mean I could understand that they needed more people, a temporary fill in would be more appropriate than removal of a job and the reasoning of “not enough activity” wasn’t valid enough when I was slowly online more.Then they replaced me with someone who isn’t that great at the job I had. That was the icing on the cake.

If I look at that experience to my experience so far on BRD, its completely different. They announced me having a job half a year before I was even active. No one has yelled at me for rules either. BRD in my experience has been rather pleasant compared to that of BVB. Though no disrespect to the people,  I do understand that hardships occur, but you should never take that out on other people.


So, I always hear people on BV state that “all rare people are mean”. Well let’s take a look at that shall we? I have been rare on BV for quite some time and in that reign of rareness I have acquired about five moose at once before. I didn’t want to hoard them but I wanted to give them to people I felt worthy of having these items. I will admit at first I did hoard them, but it was because I was looking for a specific item. This is where the “rude” part comes in, imagine this: you have an item that everyone wants and suddenly you have friends galore and all your old friends are saying “come on give me something I’m your best friend.” A true friend wouldn’t beg. This made me rude for a small period of time, because I felt angry and lonely because everyone just wanted my items. Why do you think some rare people are rude? Because they feel like no one is there for them. 

Now, the fact of the matter is that not ALL rare people are rude. A lot are quite nice. For example, I traded my letterman jacket to get a friend something she wanted, I have given my best friend all the items she has asked for, and I traded to get my other friend nerdy. Also, the funny thing is, the girl who keeps mentioning that all rare people are rude was also my friend a few years back. Now, I am not sure if she remembers or not but the thing is she may not because she keeps stating how rude I am when I am there. The reason we aren’t even friends anymore has nothing to do with the items either party has, it has to do with the fact that she kept changing accounts and I couldn’t keep track.

I think that before you judge a book on its cover, you should learn to read what’s on the inside and not just see the outside. You might find that some of these people are kinder than the non-rares.

A few trading tips

1. Don’t hoard
2. Only trade an item if you think it’s worth it
3. Don’t trade to trade back

Exciting day?

I think today happens to be a lucky day for me on bv. Not only did I get leopard kitty for a friend for cheap, she also traded me a pretty blue dance star outfit! Then  I got in possession of my light green moose once again for barely anything. And now the best part of all that is today *drum roll* MARINA’S BIRTHDAY. LET’S WISH HER A GOOD ONE ❤

Coming soon?

Right now I have no more post ideas so I guess I’ll be doing a FAQ rather soon.

Also, it’s almost Marina’s birthday. Which is great! ^-^

Tips to help you stay rare

Every worry what items are coming back? Or maybe even if your item you traded everything for isn’t as rare as when you first got it? Well here are some tips to help you stay rare.

1. Even if you love an item you should really trade it off 4 months after getting it or near the season it came out. No one knows when items will come back.
2. Even if you love an item TAKE A GOOD OFER. There is no telling when another offer like that will come along.
3. DONT I repeat DONT collect popular items EX: moose, letter, sequin fairy dresses. If it comes back you are screwed.