Magazine Translations: WINNER’s 100 Q&A from Elle Korea Magazine!



Jinwoo’s Q&A 

1) The meaning of your name Kim, Jin=Qin Dynasty, Woo=King-> King of Dynasty
2) Where you were born Jeon Ra NamDo Young Yang Gun
3) Blood type A
4) Horoscope Libra
5) The number of the bus you ride(rode) often & subway line #2 Bus
6) What you order at coffee shops Juice (Apple Juice!)
7) Scrambled? Soft Boiled? Hard boiled? Fried? Soft Boiled
8) Christian? Catholic? Buddhist? Christian
9) What’s in your bag Ring, wallet
10) Smartphone app that you use often Beat
11) Website that you go to often Naver
12) A game that you were or are addicted to Seal Online
13) Favorite storybook Cinderella
14) Favorite movie/drama
15) What weekday do you like the most Friday
16) Favorite & least favorite season Autumn/Spring
17) A TV show that…

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