So I always get told, “you are so lucky that you are rare!” Well to be honest, being rare is not that big of an accomplishment. Rare people have to worry about people begging, hackers, and fake friends. So I made a guide to help show people who WANT to be rare how to LOOK rare without worrying about all that with some old bvo that can be found anywhere.


First picture is of me sporting old red panda ears (bear code), a pattern dress (old bvo), a flower, and fuzzy clogs (old bvo). All are common rare that can make you look an1bbd feel great,









1bb2 This one is also of me sporting a satin bow (a little more complicated to get),necklace shirt (old bvo), leggins (current pawlette), and bow ballet flats(current bvo)


Just remember its not WHAT you have, its WHO you are. 

You don’t need to be rare to have friends and trust me being rare isn’t all that fun..



Summer is almost over and with that being said, I will probably not be on any internet much. The hardest year of public schooling is upon me.