Currently walking to school and no one is dressed up but I don’t care. xD Thus year I’m a zebra.



Items that are feared to come back

There are a few items feared/rumored to be coming back. The safest bet would be to trade these items off.

Moose- this item has been a lot of trouble, it has been the cause of many hackings, many tricks, many cheats on bv’s system. That is why I feel it will come back soon. I feel they think this item is more trouble than its worth, and let me tell you last time an item was dealt with this way it came back. Anyone remember embroidered flower tops? I remember that people got scammed and hacked over those little dresses and soon it came back. The same thing is highly likely to happen here.

Letter- This one I’m not too sure about but I hear from a source that a cybearguide said letter should be coming back really soon. I believe it too, this item has long before been a cause of trouble in the bv community.

Items rare or not?

Everyone still thinks the items that were super rare months ago are still super rare now, but that isn’t the case.

Other people’s definition of rare:

  • Pretty much what everyone says is rare
  • Cute items everyone wants

The best definition of rare:

  • Items that not many other people have.

So based on that description I will give a list of what has dropped:

Moose – someone on bv has found out how to copy an item and has been distributing this out, since a lot of people have it, it has DROPPED.

Letter – the same thing happened to letter but this item has already been circling around a lot of people already.

Bunny- there’s only a handful of people who don’t have this.

Buffalo hat- see moose and letter.

Sequin tank- almost everyone has at least seven of these. Rare colors will still be rare however.

Sequin dress- all of a sudden many people have this item, mostly in standard colors though, a good color should be still just as rare as it was.

Leopard kitty- unless you have a color that’s not black, blue, pink, or purple, this item is as rare as it was.

Items that have risen:

Heart print top- most people who have had this item have dropped the game.

Nerdy- everyone is asking for it and I haven’t seen a terrible lot of people with it.

Sash- see heart print top.

Possibly some overlooked old bvo and Pawlette. Items like Striped Denim Tops, Henley Tunic,  Heart Ruffle Tank.


Bearville Rainbow

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.31.45 PM

As you probably already know, Princess got bunny last night (FINALLY AFTER WE HAD BEEN WAITING SINCE SATURDAY TO GIVE HER THE BUNNY)! 🙂 We had a celebratory photoshoot right after that, and then Abi and I both had to go. :/

I’ll let Princess tell you the rest: http://bearvilleismykryptonite.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/i-got-bunny/

The photoshoot in its entirety can be found here: http://bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com/t418-princess-got-bunny-yay-a-photoshoot

The related chat logs can be found here: http://bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com/t156p15-best-of-the-brd-chatbox#18098

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Today on BV………

Close friend Nor Nor Futon (Dasha) chased me around in a spider costume. Typical of her. xD

Villain day

So today at my school for Homecoming dress up week we had a villain day dress up and I chose Sebastian Morgenstern from my favorite book series.sebastiancosplay

More BV fashion tips

Want to look rare? Is becoming rare too difficult? Are you worried about being hacked? Well look no further here are some tips to help you with these questions.

If you can’t get rare try this:

  • Buy pastel pawlette (really really really light colors kind of close to the top of a color section)
  • Try getting small rare (even if its in standard colors)
  • Don’t put a bunch of colors together. Keep it two main colors at least

If you think its too difficult try this:

  • Join forums that host contests (EX: bearville rainy days)
  • Go for SMALL items first (EX: Don’t go for bunny, go for sequin tanks, then polka dot dresses, then sequin dress, then bunny!)

Worried about being hacked try this:

  • Always be nice
  • Never show off
  • Don’t hog rare, trade some of it off
  • Give gifts, people will like you and you’ll be less likely to be hacked.

Hope this helped!